The family of a man killed by a gunman in Colorado Springs last month has filed a lawsuit against a man who claimed he didn’t know who killed the man in a standoff at a nearby home.

In an update filed Friday, the attorney for David Grusker’s family said they were “devastated” by the shooting of their son, and they’re now seeking an investigation into the shooting and its aftermath.

“The shooting of David Grisker in Aurora, Colorado, by a person with an apparent mental illness, is an act of cowardice and a crime against humanity,” attorney Andrew Sullivan said in the lawsuit.

“We are seeking to hold the shooter accountable.”

Grusker was shot at the home of his father, William Gruskar, and his mother, Mary Ann, in the 400 block of South Broadway.

The two had been out with friends on a Friday evening when Gruski’s father, who had been a frequent customer at the house, said he saw a man with a gun and began running.

The shooting then began as a domestic dispute, according to the lawsuit filed by the attorney general’s office.

Police eventually responded to the scene, and officers found Grusk lying on the front porch, where he was shot in the back of the head.

He died at a hospital.

Sullivan said in an interview that he was “distraught” and had just received word of Grusko’s death.

He said Grusky’s mother had told him the man was a former soldier who was a “good person” who had “lost his job.”

“It’s an issue that’s been going on for years and years and has been resolved in the court system,” Sullivan said.

“But that doesn’t mean that we’re going to be able to solve this.”

He said Grumars family has hired the attorney of a Colorado law firm specializing in gun cases.

The firm is “investigating the shooting incident,” Sullivan told reporters.

“The family is hoping to make that discovery in the coming weeks.”

The Aurora theater shooting and gun violence are a national issue, but Sullivan said he thinks the case of Grumors death should be investigated as a mass shooting.

He added that the law firm would investigate the circumstances surrounding the shooting in the wake of Grunsers death.

The lawsuit filed Friday was the first of its kind against a public official in Colorado, and is a rare example of a gun lawsuit being brought against a police officer.

The attorney general will likely look into whether police should have stopped the shooting, or whether it should have been stopped at all, and the lawsuit will ask for unspecified damages.

Sullivan, who also represents gun manufacturers, said the case should also give gun rights advocates “a window into how our country’s laws have been applied” in Colorado and nationwide.

He said the gun industry is “firmly opposed to the Second Amendment and any effort to expand its protections to the people who have a legitimate need to carry a gun.”

In a statement released after the suit was filed, the National Shooting Sports Foundation said that it was “pleased to learn of the filing of a lawsuit by a gun rights advocate against an officer of the Colorado State Patrol.”

The foundation added that it had worked with the state’s Attorney General’s Office “to investigate the shooting.”

The lawsuit also seeks unspecified damages, according with Sullivan’s office, and calls for the “disclosures of the facts” regarding the shooting to be made public.

Sullivan’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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