In a recent court case, the court acquitted a former police officer and ordered his court papers to be cancelled after his lawyer had filed a plea in his favour.

The police officer had filed the plea against a malloy, who had allegedly molested him.

The accused, who was on a holiday in the country, was booked in the police station.

On March 5, the police had registered a case against the malloy.

The court had allowed the prosecution to file the case and ordered the police to file a complaint.

However, the prosecution later filed a complaint in the court, which was not recorded in the official record.

The matter was not registered in the courts, and the court dismissed the complaint.

The complainant, however, filed a new complaint, saying that the complaint was registered under a different section of the code.

The new complaint was later recorded in court.

The defence lawyer filed a fresh complaint, but the court again dismissed it.

The case is pending in the High Court.

A court in Kerala has now taken a very different view of the case.

The Kerala High Court has decided that the accused should not be given bail, and ordered him to be sent to jail.

The state police had filed an affidavit in the case, but had not registered it.

In the court order, the Kerala High Chief Justice, Ramesh Kumar Sridhar, said that the court was satisfied that the case was registered against the accused, and that he had the right to be tried under the law.

“The accused is guilty.

The victim was a child.

The allegation was that he raped her,” said the judge.

The judge further said that it was the duty of the accused to file his own complaint in court, and not wait for the police and the district magistrate to register it.

“We have seen this before,” said Sridar.

The trial of the malloys accused will be heard on June 22, according to a report in the local media.

The charges against the victims in the mallohar case have been upgraded to first degree and have been registered against Malloy, a woman, and Malloy’s brother, who is a police officer.

The mallohars’ lawyer, Kunal Thakur, said the police officer’s complaint has been registered under another section of IPC and the accused is innocent.

The woman, who lives in a residential area of Kozhikode, had lodged a complaint with the police in February, but has not been registered as a witness in court so far.

The alleged rape took place in April 2017.

The three accused had been arrested in the course of a probe into the rape of a 23-year-old woman in Kozhikkode in May last year.

The investigation led to the arrest of Malloy and his brother.

The Kozhikhode police had also registered a criminal case against Malloys brother, Anil, for the rape.

Malloy was also arrested and booked for allegedly committing rape in the state.

The girl who had alleged the rape was later transferred to an orphanage in Kozihikode.

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