Shendez Law, the law firm that has represented numerous prominent people, is launching a campaign to win at least $10 million in damages from people who falsely claimed to have been sued by her.

In an effort to get more people to read and learn more about the law, Shendeslaw will offer “Law of the People” as a free ebook for readers to learn about defamation and to educate them on the laws and process.

The eBook will be distributed through a partnership with the nonprofit Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

Shendes Law is the law practice of Shendesh B. Broussard, who was named the 2015 winner of the Pulitzer Prize for journalism for his coverage of a lawsuit against the city of Washington, D.C., by a black man who was arrested for allegedly raping a white woman.

Shendz Law has defended several prominent people including former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card and actress Alyssa Milano.

In its press release, Shentz Law said the publication of “Law Of The People” was a “great way to reach the most passionate of advocates” who are “seeking justice.”

It also said the book would be distributed to more than 10,000 members of Congress and members of the media.

The campaign, which is still in its early stages, has garnered more than 2,000 signatures on a petition calling for Shendslaw to sue people who have made false claims against the law office.

Shentslaw attorney Steve Kappel said the campaign was launched because “a lot of people don’t understand how defamation works.”

The campaign is not affiliated with the law offices of Shentez Law and attorney Jennifer Cogswell.

In an interview, Kappl said the “law of the people” has been a focus of the law firms work.

“I think we’ve been doing some very interesting things here in Washington.

We’ve done some really interesting work in this area of law.

It’s something that really needs to be talked about and is something that we really appreciate,” Kappell said.

He said the campaigns goal was to bring the issue to people’s attention and provide a useful resource.

“We’re certainly not a law firm.

We’re not going to be able to sue the president.

But we are very concerned about the public, particularly when it comes to the issue of defamation and we want to educate people about it,” Kapel said.

ShentsLaw’s announcement comes just days after the Washington Post published a story on the defamation lawsuit against Shendoz Law.

In the article, the Post said Shendyslaw had “not filed any defamation cases” against people who made false accusations against her.

“It’s an unfortunate fact of life that there’s a lot of false information out there that gets spread,” Shendiz Law President John Cusack said in the statement.

“I think there’s an obligation to take care of the truth.

And that is what we do.

We defend the public’s right to know.”

The Post also said shendizlaw did not respond to requests for comment.

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