Ahmedabad: Greenberg Law Office (AGO) has sought Rs.12 crore from Underwood Law Office, an Indian law firm, over a defamation case it has filed against Ahmedabad-based Ahmedabad businessman and media magnate Imran Awan.

In its complaint filed in the Supreme Court in New Delhi, AGO claimed that Awan’s firm has been “instructed to sue” the company through its client under the false pretext of “defamation”.

The defamation case, filed in March 2016, alleged that Awans “inaccurately and maliciously” described the company as a “fraudulent business”, “failing to comply with regulations”, “defrauding the company”, “misappropriating funds” and “abusing the office”.

Awan and his son, Jamal, are also accused of misappropriating money.

The complaint said that underwood had also used Awan as a reference, while accusing Awans brother of being “the prime mover in the scam” and that the Awans had “sabotaged” a “pre-existing business”.

The complaint has sought a stay on the proceedings against Awans, his son and company, saying that they “may” seek to continue their proceedings.AGO’s complaint has alleged that Underwood had “repeatedly and maliciousLY and repeatedly made false and defamatory statements in connection with the aforesaid matter”.

In its plea, AGo said that the matter had been “previously and continuously” brought before the Bombay High Court, but that “underwood lawyers are not satisfied with the answer” given by the court.AGo said, “Underwood lawyers in the matter have consistently and repeatedly sought to pursue a defamation lawsuit against AGO, alleging that underwoods representations in the afore said matter is untrue and false.”

According to a spokesperson for the lawyer, Awan is a “partner” of the firm, but said the lawyer “is not a client of Underwood and cannot comment on any litigation.”

Underwood Law Offices was founded in 2016 by Ajoy Bhattacharya, who had previously worked as a law firm for Awans family.

A former senior lawyer, Bhattachi, said in his LinkedIn profile that he has “served as an attorney in the litigation of the Bombay high court” and also “advises clients on legal matters”.

According to the complaint, the firm said that it was “in the process of preparing a defamation suit” against Underwood for “defamatory” and defaming statements in the case.

Underwood has been represented by lawyer Vikram Kumar in the defamation case.

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