When it comes to the NFL, there’s an issue of not having a leader who can effectively enforce the rules.

Now that’s a problem, according to the Law Office Management Association, a group that represents NFL players, owners and executives.

According to the association, the NFL is one of only two professional sports leagues that doesn’t require its players to complete a mandatory three-day mandatory medical exam, which the league calls the mandatory wellness exam.

The other league, the NBA, requires players to have a health screening, and requires them to undergo a physical, which also is mandatory.

The NFL does not require players to take a mandatory exam on the sidelines or during games.

The league does not, however, require that players take an exam on a regular basis, a requirement that can put players in the position of being at a disadvantage when trying to win a game or get an edge on a competitor.

Players are not allowed to take any time off during the week to recover from a medical condition.

It is illegal to leave the facility without a health checkup, and players are required to undergo mandatory physicals in their own facility.

The association is asking the league to require players that require a mandatory health exam to undergo an annual wellness exam, and the league is considering doing just that.

In the meantime, the association says, players should be given time off to rest and recover.

The NFLPA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The medical issue comes in the wake of a series of incidents involving players and the commissioner’s office in recent weeks.

On Thursday, a league spokesman said the league had a problem with an assistant trainer, and he was fired.

The commissioner also was fired last month after he allegedly asked a player to perform an illegal maneuver on another player, according the league.

The trainer was suspended for the entire season, the league said.

The NBA suspended two players, including forward Gerald Henderson, for violating team rules, and Commissioner Adam Silver said last week that he would consider the NBA taking legal action against the players involved.

The owners of the NFL and the NBA are set to hold a news conference Wednesday in New York City to discuss the latest issues.

The meeting will include representatives of the two leagues, as well as the league and the union, as it has in the past.

The players’ union is also planning a news briefing Wednesday in response to the new revelations.

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