Daniel Stollers law office has been contacted for comment on the FBI’s investigation into the Edward Snowden leaks.

The office, which represents Edward Snowden, has confirmed that the investigation is underway, but did not give a reason.

In December, The Intercept revealed that the FBI had asked Stoller to provide a “vague” account of the case.

The Intercept also reported that the DOJ is working on a subpoena, which it says it will use to compel the office to produce any documents or materials it has.

The Washington Post reports that the subpoena has been issued.

This is the second time Stoller has been questioned in connection to the case, which was brought by the FBI.

The first was last year.

In April, Stoller was subpoenaed for a meeting with the FBI in Washington DC.

The request for a warrant was made after Stoller met with FBI agents on behalf of a client.

The subpoena for Stoller’s records was denied. 

In the case of the meeting, the FBI sought records of conversations with people who have known Edward Snowden for some time, including his ex-girlfriend, Lisa Fenn, and his mother, Susan Stoller.

The FBI also sought records from the Stoller family and a company he owned, which the bureau claimed represented a potential source of information about the leaks.

In a statement, Stoller said he was not in contact with any person who was directly involved in the leak and that he did not discuss his law practice with anyone at the time of the alleged meetings. 

As for the FBI and DOJ, a spokesperson said the request for records was a matter for the DOJ.

Stoller declined to comment further. 

The case is one of many in which the government has sought records related to the leak of classified documents by Snowden.

The case was the subject of a grand jury indictment earlier this year, but it has been unclear whether it will proceed to trial.

In January, the New York Times reported that a federal grand jury has been probing whether Stoller may have violated the Espionage Act for giving confidential documents to a reporter.

The reporter, Glenn Greenwald, is under house arrest in Russia and is under investigation for leaking documents related to classified intelligence.

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