A few days after the FBI arrested former Google executive Kevin Huelskamp for the “illegal use of a computer” and other charges, Recode reporter Josh Mohrer wrote a piece with a headline: “Google and Recode: What the hell is going on?”

The piece, written before Huelskopre’s arrest, went on to detail how the company had changed its stance on encryption after Huelsok’s arrest.

The story, which was also first reported by Recode, detailed how Google’s decision to make encryption a requirement of its Android operating system meant that it was a major obstacle for tech companies to competing on the open web.

Google’s stance, according to the article, “was the culmination of a long, painful debate.”

Google is also the company that created the popular Tor software, which makes it extremely difficult to track users across the web.

In the Recode piece, Mohrer noted that “even the government could not find an example of a single example of an encrypted search or video file being intercepted.”

And while the FBI’s announcement that it has “no evidence that Google was complicit in the unauthorized access of private data,” the story also pointed out that the company has made significant strides in recent years to help its users comply with court orders, such as changing its terms of service so that it does not “create new, unreviewable, and potentially damaging user data.”

“The FBI’s claim that they only have evidence that the FBI had ‘nothing to hide’ when they went after Google is an insult to the people who fought so hard to get to where they are,” Mohrer said in a statement.

“We have worked hard to ensure that Google is a safe place for our users, and to protect our data and the privacy of all of our users.

But we must always keep in mind the role of government and law enforcement.”

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