The first case to be filed in a major case involving the Supreme Court was brought in New Jersey on Monday by the state’s chief legal officer, who has argued for the state to move to a statewide voting system.

Chief Justice Robert H. MacCoun argued in a ruling that the state should use a statewide system and that the Supreme Law Courts could not be expected to administer the statewide voting process.

He also said the state has a responsibility to monitor the election process and make sure there are no irregularities.

MacCoun, a former federal prosecutor, is the latest in a long line of top law enforcement officials to challenge the court’s jurisdiction in cases brought by Democratic and Republican lawmakers, as well as political opponents.

He has called for the court to recuse itself from a high-profile case, which the state is pursuing in the high-stakes recount of votes in Pennsylvania’s governor’s race.

Republican leaders in New York, a Democratic-controlled state, say the court should not be able to intervene in elections unless there is evidence of fraud or abuse.

MacCour, who was elected to the court in 2011, also argued for a statewide voting system and for the courts to appoint a chief election official who could oversee it.

The court has ruled that a statewide election must be conducted using paper ballots.

In 2016, the court held that states are not required to use paper ballots for all elections.

The state appealed that decision, but the justices declined to hear it.

Republican New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo, who is seeking to be re-elected, has said he has no plans to change the way he campaigns.

He has argued that a paper-based system is a better way to vote.

Cuomo has also said that if the court does not rule in favor of New York’s paper ballots, he would ask voters to go back to the ballot box for the Nov. 8 election.

MacCharles, a retired New Jersey state police sergeant, became the first Democrat to be appointed chief justice of the state supreme court in 1991.

He was appointed by Democratic Gov.

Ed Rendell.

MacCoun’s case is being heard in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

He said he would not be in New Hampshire at this time, but could potentially return for a hearing on the matter later this year.

The case has been brought by Democrats and Republicans, as they seek to challenge New Jersey’s voting system under the U.S. Constitution.

MacCsoun is seeking $10 million in damages, which are being disputed by Republicans.

He argues that the court is not allowed to intervene unless it has “sufficient facts to establish a basis for believing that a constitutional violation occurred.”

The court’s first opinion in the case was written by Republican Justice Charles R. Cooper, a conservative who was appointed to the Supreme Courts bench by President Ronald Reagan in 1986.

He is now a partner at the law firm of Batson & Snider.

Cooper argued in the court decision that there was no evidence that the paper ballots had been tampered with.

He noted that the New Jersey election board has already approved paper ballots and the state election board also is required to maintain an electronic tally of the votes.

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