nelson office law office Westlaw office parnell office attorney Westlaw Parnell is suing the government for the money it owes to Nelson Law Office and its employees.

Parnella, who was the acting president of Nelson Law when the alleged crimes occurred, says the government’s refusal to pay him and his colleagues “violated their constitutional rights to due process and equal protection of the law”.

The suit was filed in a New Brunswick court on Thursday.

It seeks an injunction to prevent the government from making the payments, and an injunction preventing the government and the Parnells from enforcing the orders.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a number of Nelson law office employees, including Michael Boudreau, who is the Pardell’s chief of staff.

Boudette and Nelson Law offices former general counsel, Michael Boulay, and Nelson lawyers, Andrew Stiles and Eric Deering, also filed the suit.

Pardells lawyer, Scott Moulton, also is part of the suit, but he did not respond to a request for comment.

Pignell said in an email that Nelson’s attorneys have asked the court to issue an injunction, which would prevent the payments from being made.

The government did not immediately respond to questions from CBC News about the suit and why it has refused to pay the Nelson Law office employees.

The Parnels and Nelson offices lawyers filed a similar lawsuit against the government in the same court in October.

In that case, Parnel’s office was the defendant.

The two lawsuits are the latest in a string of government claims against the Pelses.

In April, the government accused Nelson lawyers of “a series of criminal acts” that were committed by the Pernell’s office.

In November, the two sides agreed to a settlement to resolve their legal dispute, which included a settlement that included a provision that all payments will be made through the government.

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