It was not long ago that Indian citizens were free to sue non-residents for defamation in court.

But now, with a new law, they need to prove that their defamation was caused by the Indian government.

This, in a country where a nonresidents has a much lower chance of success in court, according to a report by The Times Of India, was a big deal in the past.

The Times also reported that the new law could also give the Indian courts more powers.

India was the only nation in the world where a foreigner could sue a foreign national for defamation.

But India’s new law is set to make it harder for Indians to sue foreigners for defamation, according a report from The Times.

The law was passed on Wednesday by the parliament, which will come into effect in a few weeks.

The new law gives a nonentity the right to sue for defamation of any person who has been an resident of India for a period of five years, and who is “in the business of defaming the Indian Government”.

It gives a person a maximum of five million rupees ($8,500) in damages for defamation and can be appealed against.

Non-residency is a condition for filing a defamation case, the report said.

The Indian law is expected to make defamation cases easier for foreigners.

The country is also facing increasing legal challenges from Indian nationals and residents, who are also seeking to stop the new defamation law.

India is not the only country to pass laws on defamation.

New Zealand has also passed a defamation law that allows foreigners to sue individuals who have defamed them for defamation (The New Zealand Herald, January 10, 2018).

In Germany, Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court has allowed a German citizen to sue foreign nationals for defamation against the government, but the Federal Constitutional Tribunal upheld the right of the German citizen.

The German Constitutional Court in April overturned a lower court decision that had blocked a German woman from suing the government.

The woman had sued the government after she was told that she could not have her daughter in Germany because she was a German national, but her case is still pending.

The Supreme Court is also considering whether to allow a German man to sue his wife in German court for defamation after the court ruled that the husband could not be sued for domestic violence.

The European Court of Human Rights ruled last year that it is not in the public interest for the European Union to pass new laws that would restrict free speech and the right for individuals to speak freely.

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