A high school senior from rural Indiana has become a law school instructor’s lawyer, and he plans to make a name for himself by suing a large and well-funded nonprofit that teaches his school.

In an exclusive interview with The Washington Post, Michael Kerner, a former assistant principal at a small, rural school in rural North Carolina, said he had decided to pursue his passion for law when he left the public school system.

The school, which he founded in 1999, is known for its innovative curriculum that has been credited with sparking a surge in entrepreneurship and the creation of a new generation of business leaders.

The high school’s students have taken an interest in law school and its professors are known for their high-flying, fast-paced work ethic.

But it is their peers who are paying the bills, with some students working at the school for as little as $9 an hour, Kerner said.

That’s far below the national average for law school tuition, which ranges from $25,000 for four years to $45,000 a year for graduate school.

That is why Kerner believes his school deserves more support.

“I don’t see this school as a low-cost solution to the shortage of attorneys in this country,” Kerner told The Post.

“We’re not a charter school, and it’s not a private school.”

The nonprofit school has not been shy about providing a high-profile program to attract the attention of law school applicants, including in an article in the Chicago Tribune.

Kerner and his wife, Kristin, have also started a nonprofit called The Law School Network to help young lawyers and attorneys seeking admission into top law schools.

The law school network includes a national network of lawyers that includes the National Association of Attorneys General and several national legal groups, including the American Bar Association.

The network is also active in recruiting high school students to apply for scholarships, said Kevin F. Koval, a lawyer at the law firm DLA Piper, which is representing Kerner.

He also noted that Kerner has the support of the school’s board.

“Michael and his parents are very, very active in the law school community, and the board of trustees have been very supportive of his vision of the law program and of what he wants to do with it,” Koval said.

“It’s a really great organization, and they’re very supportive.”

The Law Schools Association of America, which represents more than 800 law schools nationwide, declined to comment.

A spokeswoman for the law schools association did not respond to requests for comment.

Kerneder’s passion has inspired him to seek financial help from the nonprofit network and others to help him pay for college and pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer.

The Kerners, who live in Westfield, are the parents of three sons and three daughters.

A few years ago, Kerneders said, he began looking for ways to help his family with college costs and other expenses.

He was surprised to learn that the law group had scholarships available.

After the school, Kerners said, provided him with a scholarship for his daughters’ college, he decided to focus on law school.

“The idea was that I would become a lawyer,” Kerneding said.

But his family struggled to pay for the tuition and other costs and struggled to make ends meet.

Kerners’ father, who has diabetes and a family history of alcoholism, struggled to find work because he could not get insurance to cover his prescription drugs.

When he lost his job, Kerrieds said, his father was forced to move into the home of his brother in the mountains outside Wilmington, North Carolina.

After his mother died, Kerreds said he and his father became friends and eventually became parents of their own.

“In our family, that’s kind of what I wanted to be doing, to become a dad,” Kerteds said.

Kerreding said that when he was working as a teacher, he taught his students about the legal profession.

“You just want to teach them everything they need to know,” he said.

The Law Offices of Thomas and Kristina Kerner opened its doors in 2006.

It has offices in Louisville and in Philadelphia.

The nonprofit network provides support to those students who cannot afford private school, but who also need financial assistance to pay the costs of their education.

The program provides financial aid to students who do not have access to the financial aid they need.

The group is also working with schools to help them reach the desired educational outcomes.

“Every day we are working with the schools to ensure that we are reaching the right students,” Klevin said.

While there is a long list of scholarships available for students who can’t afford private schools, it does not cover all costs.

Kernders and other students who need help in paying for their education are often told that their scholarships are “not available for all students,” said Klevins sister, Kristina.

That means students who qualify will have to take out loans

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