Biden’s eldest son, Beau Biden, said he was shocked to learn about the death of his father on Tuesday.

“It is shocking to hear of my father’s death,” Beau Biden wrote in a Facebook post.

“It was something that had to happen to my dad, and he was someone who was truly in need of my love and support.

We will miss him so much, but we will not let it get in the way of being the best family we can be.”

Read more Biden’s father, Beau, was gunned down in February 2016 while driving his car.

He was shot in the back of the head by a suspect who said he had been involved in a burglary and robbery.

Biden’s brother, Joe, who was in the car, survived.

Biden was later found with a gunshot wound to the chest and pronounced dead.

“Our family is deeply saddened by the news of the loss of Beau Biden,” his brother wrote in the post.

“As a brother and as a son, I can say that I am shocked and saddened to hear the news.

This has been a very tough year for us.

We are still grieving and mourning our loss.

My heart is with the Biden family.”

Biden’s brother and father, former Vice President Joe Biden, died of complications from pneumonia in April.

Biden is survived by his wife, Jill Biden; children Beau and Joe Biden; brother Beau and stepmother Jill; and three grandchildren.

Biden, who is married to former White House press secretary Stephanie Cutter, is expected to announce a presidential run on July 16.

He is not the first person to be killed by a gunman.

In September, former White Senate staff member and state Sen. Scott Brown died of a gunshot to the head after being attacked outside his home in the Boston suburb of Brookline, Massachusetts.

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