The latest round of storms has put Queensland’s economy on the brink of disaster.

The weather has caused widespread disruption and made it hard to get out of your house.

But the worst storm to hit Queensland in recent memory has left thousands without power and forced the closure of all state schools.

The damage caused to homes and businesses is far greater than the forecast for the storm and has put pressure on a $1.8 billion flood mitigation scheme that was already on the back burner.

Key points:The Government is looking at ways to deal with the flooding and storm damage in QueenslandAs many as 8,000 people could lose their homes and hundreds more could lose businesses and businesses are already dealing with the falloutThe Queensland Government is now reviewing the damage caused by the storm, with a $400 million disaster relief fund to be put in place to help those affected.

It is already spending $300 million in Queensland on flood mitigation and emergency preparedness, but the Government is considering ways to improve it.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the Government was considering ways that could be used to help people in the affected areas.

“The Queensland Police Service is already dealing in the floodwaters,” she said.

“They’re taking water from the sea.

They’re taking it to the city and other areas where it could be a problem, to help make sure the flood-prone areas are protected.”

We’re also looking at how we can reduce the cost of flood mitigation for the people of Queensland, because it’s just such a massive financial hit.

“Queenslands Government says more money needed to help vulnerable and affected peopleThe Premier said she was confident that Queensland Government resources would be sufficient to deal fully with the flood and storm damages.”

I’m confident that our flood and weather response has been prepared to deal in a major way with this,” she told ABC Radio Brisbane.”

In fact, I think we’ve got more money in the budget to help the people in this state than what was actually planned.

“The Premier has said there will be no more cuts to Queensland Government flood mitigation programs as a result of the storm.

Ms Palaszenk said the State Government’s flood mitigation program was already under review and that the Government would not be able to continue operating the program at the current level.”

It will not be cut because of this storm, and I’m confident the Queensland Government will not have to cut any of its flood mitigation or emergency preparedance programs,” she added.”

And I think there will not only be money in there to deal, but we will also be able and we will be able provide support to vulnerable people.

“She said it was important to note that the State’s flood response program had already saved people’s lives.”

Our program is so much better than the response in other states that we’ve been involved in,” Ms Palaszek said.

Ms Holroyd said it is not just Queensland Government departments that were facing the brunt of the flooding.”

There are people who are not necessarily Queensland Government, but there are also a number of departments that are dealing with people’s homes,” she explained.”

These people are not Queensland Government or even Queensland State Government, they are people whose homes have been destroyed.

“So the question we have to ask is what will the Government of Queensland do in the next few days and weeks to help these people?”

We have a huge number of people in Queensland and it is really difficult to deal through the storm without some assistance from the Government.

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