The law professor who has made headlines for his controversial blog post on sexual harassment claims says he will not defend his client who is suing him over his dismissal of sexual harassment complaints.

The University of Texas at Austin law professor, who has published a number of controversial posts, told The Hindu that he has no plans to defend his former law partner, former UT associate dean of students, or other women who have made similar claims.

The professor has made the news this week after he posted a blog post accusing UT of sexual assault and retaliation against female professors who made similar allegations against him.

He said he did so because his former colleagues told him that he would lose their jobs if he filed a lawsuit.

He also said he would take legal action against a number people who threatened to sue him if he brought a lawsuit against them.

He told The Hindustan Times that he will instead focus on getting his client off the hook.

A few days later, he announced that he was dropping his case against UT, but that he is continuing to pursue the case.

The law department did not respond to The Hindu’s questions about his intentions and how his client plans to respond to the suit.

The post that sparked the complaint is dated July 26 and titled “A lawyer’s response to my allegations”.

The post alleges that UT violated his civil rights by firing him after he filed complaints against them in the aftermath of the UT-Houston sexual assault scandal in January 2018.

It also accuses UT of retaliating against women who made complaints against him for raising issues of sexual misconduct.

It alleges that the university has retaliated against female students for raising their concerns and that it is retaliating to male students who raised concerns about sexual misconduct and misconduct against female staff members.

A complaint filed by a woman against UT said that the law professor was fired after she filed a complaint with the university alleging sexual misconduct against him in January 2017.

She also alleged that he engaged in “unwanted touching and inappropriate sexual contact” and had sexual intercourse with her in the presence of a male student and others in a dormitory.

The woman said that he forced himself on her after a student at a class he taught in asked if she wanted to be part of the class.

The UT dean of student’s office has denied the allegations.

A university spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In response to the complaint filed against him, the law department, the dean of women and the university said they have received no complaint and did not have anything to share with The Hindu.

The university did not provide a statement on whether the law school has reviewed the complaint.

The faculty senate has also declined to comment.

The university’s dean of legal affairs did not return a request seeking comment.

The dean of human resources did not reply to a message seeking comment either.

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