Posted March 10, 2020 06:27:50The veil is a symbol of respect and personal modesty, and can be worn to represent religious beliefs.

It is also used to show one’s affiliation with a particular religion or a particular group, such as a Muslim woman wearing a veil.

However, many people, including some of those wearing the veil, have questioned its legality in some areas of Australia.

“I would argue that it is completely disrespectful to others,” Sarah, an artist from Sydney, told News24.

Sarah said she was wearing the traditional veil in Australia in response to the violence and racism that has been plaguing the country for decades.

“It’s my duty to show respect for all people and to help people understand that, whether it’s the fact that I’m a woman, whether I’m Muslim, whether they are a Christian, whether you are Jewish, it’s all different,” she said.

The law allows veils to be worn in public places and it is often worn with a hijab.

But a new law is forcing some of the most conservative organisations to ban the veil in some parts of Australia, such in Victoria and New South Wales.

Sarah was not the only one who felt the need to take a stand against the law, with other artists and business owners who were wearing the full veil.

“There are quite a few people who are wearing the ‘traditional’ veil, but it’s a lot of people who don’t have the time to do that,” Sarah said.

“We’re not all religious people, but we are all trying to make the world a better place, and we should be able to wear our veil at the same time as we are doing other things.”

The veil, which is traditionally worn by women in Muslim-majority countries, is now a symbol that people of different faiths and backgrounds can show solidarity.

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